4 months old

Our sweet Izy is growing up so fast!!  She is getting bigger every day and makes the best faces!  And she is so strong!  Watching her grow is the biggest joy, it's really indescribable.

Stats:  Elizabeth weighs 11.7 pounds and is 24 inches long!  She's hovering right around the 14th percentile in weight and 25th in hight.

Likes: Playing in her exersaucer, eating, bath time, being sung to, rolling around, chewing on her hands and toys, and cuddling.

Dislikes: Naps and being put in to her Sleep Sack.  She know's what is coming and she tries to fight it!

Milestones:  Our little lovie can now roll from her back to tummy, has 1 tooth with two more coming through, grabs at objects with both hands, puts everything in her mouth, can hold her self sitting up for  a few seconds, sucks on her thumb for comfort, plays with her feet, and giggles.  She's also found her voice and makes noise all day long.

Typical day:
Izy wakes up around 5:30 and I let her roll around and play in her crib till I've pumped a little bit of the fore-milk off (about 2.5 oz per side).  By 6:20 I go in and get her, if she hasn't fallen back asleep.  She gets a quick diaper change and then we climb in to bed to nurse.  She gets propped up against a pillow to help reduce her spitting up chances.  Between pumping off some fore-milk and laying on a little incline she almost never spits up in the mornings anymore.  Unless it's the weekend, B is already long gone to work so we cuddle up and sleep till 8.  Then I pry myself out of bed and get dressed in my workout clothes before waking baby girl up.  If we have time I top her off before changing her and getting on the road by 8:45 (usually 9, when my workout class starts.  Woops).  She tends to not want to eat at 9, so I don't worry about it much.  We get home around 10:15 and she gets another change and eats.  I try to put her down at 11 and 4 for her naps.  Most days she will sleep for 20-40 minutes (after yelling at me from her crib for 30).  We are working on making her in to a better napper!  When she gets up she gets fed and changed again, before playing.  Sometimes it's independent play, other times it's with me.  But I am always right there keeping an eye on her, and talking or singing to her.  We try to go on one long walk a day, usually in the late afternoon when I want to kill the dog.  Baby girl gets her bath, nurses, and is in bed by 8pm every night.

She is eating every 3-3.5 hours and nurses for about 15 minutes.  Sometimes she will go a little longer, but I always let her go as long or as short as she wants.
Cloth diapering is still going great.  bumGenius Freetimes are my favorite diaper.  So insanely thankful my bff lent us all her daughters old CDs, it helped me figure out what works best for our family!  We use Rockin' Green detergent 2x a month, and Ecos Free & Clear the rest of the time.

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  1. Teeth already!! I keep thinking that Aislynn is teething but then tell myself it is too early, but I guess not!