Just some updates

I'm typing this on my phone while E nurses. Yay multitasking. We've been making great progress in the daytime nap area (which I had neglected while concentrating on her nighttime sleep habits), and I even took a nap myself today!

I started menu planning this week, and a fully stuck with the grocery list! I actually walked out of Trader Joes with only what I had intended to buy! I've also been making our sandwich bread the past few weeks and it is delicious...way better than what I was getting from the bread machine. I'll post the recipe when I get to my computer.

We're still waiting to hear if B will be on a det this spring. He would be leaving in about 6 weeks for 2 months, so I'm anxious to find out if he will be here or not! My triplet cousins are getting confirmed in April and they live in Houston so we kind of need to get on the whole plane ticket purchasing thing.

I'll be doing a post about Es bedroom here soon. My MiL is making all her bedding and we're still waiting on the bumpers and dust ruffle. The bumpers that are on the crib now are from her cradle (also made by nancy), but obviously they don't fully fit because of the size difference.

Next week we have Elizabeth's 2 month appointment. HOW is she already 2 months!? Time passes by faster than imaginable once you have a baby. We also start Mops next week. A new friend suggested I join, and then I had my bff join too. I'm sure it will be fun.

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  1. Good gracious, I didn't even recognize her! She has gotten so big and SO pretty!! Please share how you got bedtime to work! We just started sleep training and have no idea what we are doing!