One Month

How is Elizabeth already one month old?!  Time has flown by!  Even the hardest days passed by quickly.

Stats:  She is about 8 pounds and I think 19 inches.  She is definitely longer than when we brought her home.  Elle still is in newborn clothing (0-3 month swallows her) and can fit in newborn diapers, though she's been in 1s for about a week and a half because the NBs just don't hold as much stuff.

Laying on daddy's chest
Tummy time
Being in her Ergo
Car rides, her swing,
"Sitting up"
Classical music (anything without voices)
Listening to us read

Sleeping (just some days)
When Mackie stops her swing from swinging
Getting dressed

Her first bath was on the 11th.
Lost her bellybutton stump on the 14th
Became vocal on the 27th.  She is still pretty quiet, but the coos and noises are starting.
Started tracking on the 31st.
On the 1st she was pretty pissed off that it was bed time and rolled herself from tummy to back.  Obviously an accident, but she IS a strong little lady.  She's been holding her read up since birth (Seriously.  She has great neck control).

We started sleep-training on the 29th and the first night was so rough.  We changed her diaper, she ate, then we swaddled her and put her to sleep in her room around 10.  And she cried.  And cried.  For almost an hour. It was sad, but I watched her on the monitor the whole time so I knew she was ok.  And then suddenly she stopped crying and slept for 4 straight hours.  She woke up to nurse so we did the same routine again: diaper change, eat, swaddle, crib.  She only cried for a few minutes and then slept for another three hours.  It was amazing.

Since then we've had our ups and downs.  Some days she only takes one real nap (noon-2) and a few 10-15 minute cat naps.  Other days she takes both a morning (noon-2) and afternoon (4-5) nap.  We have a lot of work to make her in to a good sleeper, but we've made lots of progress!


  1. So Cute! I cant believe its been a month already too! That went so fast.

  2. She sleeps so little, and here I was thinking newborns slept a lot! I love her updated little pictures, she is beautiful!

  3. Ahh I can't believe you're a mom! I mean, I can. But it seems so surreal... She's so gorgeous!