39 Weeks

How far along?  39 weeks.  7 more days till her due date!
Baby Size:  Around 6 pounds.  I'm so curious to see her stats when she is born.
Total weight gain:  I'm at 149.6...YIKES.
Maternity clothes?  I've been living in my regular yoga pants and Bs long sleeved tshirts
Stretch marks?  Nope, just those few tiny ones on my boobs from the 1st trimester.
Sleep:  What's sleep?
Best moment this week:  Being slightly progressed.  Thanksgiving dinner at our neighbors house (minimal cooking!)
Miss Anything? Sleeping.
Movement:  It's constant!  Baby girl does not like to sleep.
Gender: Elizabeth Rylie
Labor Signs:  I was a little under a cm dilated at Wednesdays appointment, and about 1/2 way effaced.  So we're making some progress!  Still having some light cramping on and off, too.
Symptoms:  Hip pain and constant peeing at night.  Some light cramping, but nothing much.
Belly Button in or out? Still half innie, half outtie.
Wedding rings on or off?  On.
Mood:  Exhausted, sore hips
Looking forward to:  Her being born.  I am so done being pregnant!  I know I'm blessed to still be feeling so normal this far along.  But damn, I'm done.


  1. So close! Hope everything goes well :)

  2. You look absolutely stunning in your photo! Congrats to you both for your bundle of joy!