Weekend Recap

B and I had a very relaxing weekend (finally!).  On Friday we saw Taken 2 (and split the best cherry coke of my life at the theater).  We went to dinner at Buca, grabbed some froyo, and then rented a foreign film on Saturday.  It was a cloudy and fall-ish type of weekend here in SoCal, so we took lots of naps and spent time playing with the pup.  B cleared out the office, which will become Lizzie's room, and we finally ordered her crib.  All that is left to do is figure out a dresser situation and paint her room!

Tomorrow is back to reality for me- lots of housework to catch up on from a weekend of being lazy with my hubby!

Little Lizzie is so active that I can hardly lay on either side with out her trying to alien her way out of my stomach.  It's actually getting pretty painful!  So this afternoon I decided to nap in my husbands (ugly, leather, laz-e-boy) recliner and it was AMAZING.  No hip pain waking me up, no child trying to escape from my uterus, and no rolling my massive stomach over from side to side trying to get comfortable.  I think I'm going to sleep in the chair again tonight.  I woke up more rested form a short hour nap than I have been after much longer naps.

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