A new family member

On Sunday night B and I made our biggest financial purchase to date:  A truck!  It's a Toyota Tundra and I am in love with it (massive back seat for 2 RF convertible carseats + the dog, tons of leg room, and the dash looks so nice-not all bare and work-truck like).  B has only let me drive it once-he is obsessed with the thing!  He's currently sitting in the driveway, playing with all the presets and reading the manuel.  At first he had wanted to get a Chevy, but we got a really great deal on the Tundra and it had all of our "musts".  We are SO thrilled about the truck!  Now we just need to sell his old Jeep and we will be all set (and put step-rails on it.  It's a little hard for this preggo to climb in).


  1. Congrats on the new investment. If you are involved on facebook, look for groups in your area, that and Craigslist. I'm all about selling things I don't use anymore and I sold one of my motorcycles in 3 days via craigslist. Good luck!!

  2. YAY! That is sooo exciting! I love the color too, but I might be alittle biased as I drive a black car and the hubs has a black truck as well! lol