Party Time!

What have I been up to since arriving at my in-laws house?  Setting up for my awesome MILs 50th birthday party!

Tara (SIL) has been planning this party for the past two months, and was able to enlist three of Nancy's bffs to help.  The four of them did SO many creative and totally homemade decorations.

The theme was "black and white with a pop of zing", which is totally Nancy.  There was also a big outside area, decked out with more tables, decorations, tons of white Christmas lights, and a DJ next to the dance floor.

Everyone had a great time, and it was fun to celebrate Nancy!

I wish I were creative enough to make this at home!

The drink station

One of the eating areas.  There were more tables in the den and outside

Baptist Punch (non-alcoholic)

The cute fireplace decor

Food table, prior to the caterers arriving

Carrot cake!

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  1. Just stumbled across your blog... Looks like an awesome party... I wish I had fancy parties like that (jeallllous!) I need someone to plan my next party like that!