Blessed with Amazing Neighbors

Tonight my dear friend and I had a girls night over in Carlsbad.  Margs for her, iced tea for me.  It was really great chatting about everything from budgets to shopping (we both have a weakness for designer jeans that our husbands HATE) and getting some great insight on mommy-hood (she has 3 kiddos, so she knows her stuff!)
I got home well after dark, so I closed the garage door while still in my car (I'm cautions, what can I say).  But then out of habit I must have hit the garage door button on the way into the house anyways.  So I came in, reset the alarm, and went about my evening.  An hour later (so like 11ish) the doorbell just rang and Mackie went nuts.  I sat in bed for a few seconds, then got up and looked outside our bedroom window and saw our across the street neighbor standing in his driveway so I thought something must be wrong and it was his gf ringing the bell.  Since he was standing outside I felt safe enough to go look through the peep-hole.  Sure enough, it was her telling me our garage was open.  I was so grateful for them keeping an eye out for me!
When I got back upstairs I had two missed texts from my next door neighbor asking if I was ok because she had heard the alarm go off (I forgot to turn it off before answering the door).  My heart is just so happy right now!!  We are so blessed to have such amazing neighbors who care about each other!

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  1. What a sweet story. It's such a blessing to have neighbors like that, especially with your hubby being away @ the moment.

    Glad you had a good girls night out :)