Lake Time

My parents, the pup, and I are down in my beloved Missouri at our lake house for the week.  We got from Chicago at like 1am, and I've been living in my bikini since then.
The puppy LOVES the water (of course.  He is a lab).  He swims around all day, and it's pretty darn adorable.  What he doesn't like is the boat.  He went nuts trying to jump off in to the water almost the entire time.  Stress-city for me.

But I love being in Missouri again.  I've really been missing the midwest, and the Lake is just heaven on earth for me.  Tomorrow I'm heading up to Columbia to go back to Mizzou (YAY) and see some girlfriends!  I'm super excited, I haven't seen Janelle and Ashley since the wedding and they both just got engaged in the past month!  And Baby Webster needs some Tiger gear...onesies, a hoodie, the works.  Thank God Tomorrow's payday ;)

Swimming off the neighbors patio (they have stairs in to the water versus him jumping off the seawall)

First boat ride for baby Webster and Mackie!

The brief moment he wasn't trying to jump overboard.


  1. Looks like he had such a good time! So Cute!!!

  2. You are so close to me!! I want to go to the lake too. jk Have tons of fun!