Well, I can FINALLY post that B deployed and is safely in country!  I had totally forgotten that I hadn't posted about it yet.

We woke up bright and early, got to base at the designated time, and then sat around for 4 hours till they asked the families to leave.  His parents were with us, which was nice.  We could have stayed and watched him get on the bus, but I really couldn't handle that so we left.  B and I got to have a little alone time in his office, where I totally lost it.  Shortly after that, the Marines were starting to assemble wandering around like confused puppies, so B said his good byes to us at the air station turnstile.  That was the worst feeling of my life.  He called me as often as he could from their various layovers before leaving the country, which made the transition a lot easier (for me).

Once home his mom and I each locked ourself in our rooms for a few hours.  She needed her cry, I needed mine.  After that, things became pretty normal again.  I'm at peace with this deployment.  We have a strong, happy marriage and I'm a firm believer in not worrying about things that haven't happened yet.  I was honestly more concerned about him getting in-country safely than anything!  He's always in my thoughts, which makes me a lot less lonely.  I know there will be days (and weeks) that are really hard.  But I also accept that fact, and when it hit me hard I'll have family and amazing girlfriends to get me through it.

We've been able to talk quite a few times since he left (more than I thought!).  They don't have wireless in the cans yet, but the USO is open 24/7 for them to get on-line.  B's room only has one a/c unit (most have two), and of course it's broken, so he's been very toasty since he arrived.  But it's "supposed to" be fixed before next week, when the temps get to the 130's.  That is so hot, I can't even imagine!  Oh, and the Deployment 'Stasch.  GOOD LORD.  It looks like he has a third eyebrow on his lip.  I'll have to take a picture next time we Skype.  I heard that it takes some guys months to grow a "good" mustache.  Not my husband...the man needs a shave by noon!

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  1. I am sorry that he has left, but glad he made it to his destination safely. We should be back in a month and half, so if you ever want to get together let me know. We can finally do a hobby shop date or take the kids somewhere fun. Take care!