Lazy Saturday

B and I spent all morning cuddling.  He made us some breakfast in bed (waffles from Trader Joe's), and then I took another nap.  Eventually I pried myself out of bed for a snack and to play with Mackie while B worked on his packing list for deployment.  Our office is covered in a camo explosion...hell, if I'm going to be honest, the whole house in a wreck.  B has piles of everything he's taking all over, but we are hoping to have him packed and organized before next weekend!

We have also compiled an email to send to family and friends regarding rules for this deployment.
What do ya'll think?  Anything you would add/remove?

Hello family and friends!
With B leaving sooner rather than later, we wanted to compile an easy to review list of deployment rules.  All branches of the military do things differently-this is the Marines, and these are their rules.  He will be working very long hours and in his down time he’ll be sleeping, working out, and trekking to the chow hall.  Afghanistan is 9.5 hours ahead of CST (ex: if it’s 5:45pm CST on Saturday, it is 3:15am on Sunday).

Things not to ask/email/discuss with anyone

Dates!!!!  No one needs to know when he is leaving/left or when he’ll be home
What B is doing (the same job he was doing stateside)
When he'll be home
How often he gets to talk to people back home
Just don't ask him about work.
Don't talk about what you heard on the news, and then ask him to verify it

Ok to ask/talk about via Skype and email
What does B want sent to him
Sports updates
"How are things going?" (nothing more specific.  He’ll tell you what he can.  Please don’t pry)
He would love long emails about what YOU are doing each day.  His days don't change
Any funny things happened lately

Dates must not be discussed in public while on the phone or in person.  Everyone deployed is someone's child.  A safe answer to “when will he be home?” is “hopefully before 2013”.

Same with location.  It's honestly no ones business except for B. We are all privileged to even know what camp he's going to be at.

It may take him a few days to respond to you.  He will have limited internet access.  It is only on the far side of base from where he is living.


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