Off to battle with Pass & Tag.  Wish me luck!!


I was in P&T for less than 10 minutes.  It was glorious!!!

Then I went to the naval hospital to get my allergy medicines.  Now, since becoming a Marine wife, I've prided myself in knowing about Tricare, OPSEC, base rules and protocol, Marine history, and every detail about moving with the military.  But I'll tell you what, I did not know that if I got my prescriptions filled on base they were free.  FREE.  My two nasal sprays and allergy medicine that cost me almost 50/month.  They are free.  Totally made up for my almost 2-hour wait.  I read my book and texted with B, and time passed quickly enough.

After my super exciting morning on base, I drove down to La Jolla to visit with my friend and sorority  sister, Katie.  I worked on my new quilt and got the all the patchwork done for the top.  It's just a basic square patch, and I cant wait to frame it out and get the backing on.

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