With B having to complete his CFT this morning, my gf Ceanna and I got together to makes some blankets!
We made a "taggie" for her to give as a secret Santa gift, matching blankets for her baby daughter and daughter's bff (they are 3 days apart), and a crib blanket for her bun-in-the-oven!  We were busy!  I'll have to have her email pictures of the blankets, because they were all SO cute!

After she left I got to work on finishing my quilt that I started in the quilting class at the Hobby Shop on base.  After what feels like a million hours later, I'm almost done!  I still need to make and attach the binding, but the edges are "finished", so that it still looks nice on the couch :)

For the batting I used a natural cotton that feels like a super thick flannel, so the quilt is super cozy.

Here's the back side.  Our local Jo Ann Fabrics doesn't carry 60" flannel, so I had to improvise.

And the front!  Not horrible for my first time!

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  1. Quilting is such a challenge. I have made one quilt that I actually cut out and sewed together all the little squares. It took me an entire summer. It was worth it though. My little sister slept with it everyday until it disintegrated. I have made several others in the same way that you made the back of yours. You just sew to long pieces together to make the back and again to make the front, add batting, binding and some yarn to tie it down all the way through and tada, it's done! Yours looks beautiful!