Christmas Card and my To Do List

Like my new blog design?  Me too.  Too bad I can't figure out how to add my title to the header!  Anyone know?

Today and tomorrow are going to be such busy days!

Needed 10 minutes ago:  COFFEE
800am:  Allergy appointment so the dr. can yell at me for getting a dog
845am:  Post office to mail my bff her Christmas box.  To Japan.  Woops!
930am:  Vet appointment for Mackie
1030am: Nail appointment
Noonish:  Lunch date with some gfs
All afternoon: Laundry, sewing projects, Jo Ann's, mall, and start packing for our trip.
I should shower at some point today, too.

Nail appointment, because I assume I won't actually have time on Monday
Wrap gifts
Mop the floors
Clean the bathrooms
Bathe Mackie
Pack our clothes
Load the car (that's B's job)

Here is our first family Christmas card!

Yes, we are in the least Christmasy colors ever, but Mackie looks ADORABLE and has a Christmas collar on.  Semi-win!

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