Busy busy busy

Today's To-Do List

Steam the floors
Make bread
Make rolls for Thanksgiving
Write a grocery list
Make a list for B of all the things he has to fix this week
Call my allergist and find out about my allergy medicine
Take the Prius in to be fixed/traded-in

Ya, that's right.  My baby Prius has a big ole electrical issue and we decided that if it costs more than X to fix than we are going to trade it in for an SUV.  We might just do a lease, we aren't sure yet.  But we are preparing for the worst.  B and I have no debt, and taking out a loan to buy/lease a car goes against ever cell in our bodies.  Both our parents always bought cars in cash.  B and I both own our current cars.  The thought of having a bank own our car scares the crap out of me.  My mom always said, "A bank can take away your house.  But how are you going to get to work to buy another house of the bank takes your car too?"  So ya.  B is cutting out of work early to follow me over to the dealership so we can have my baby looked at, and then we will go from there.

Ok, off to put the pup in his crate so I can shower with out the house being distroyed


  1. oh I am sorry! I hope your little car gets feeling better! I'm now following your blog, have a great night!


  2. Welcome! Thanks for following :)